VMWare Black Screen at higher resolutions 

If running a VM at higher resolution thatn 1024x768 is causing a black screen, and in Ubuntu, cases an error message "Cannot configure monitor" to have appeared when you resize the view back down, VMWare may have added the setting guestBackedPrimaryAware to your Virtual Machines VMX file. This appears to relate to the presence of VMWare Tools in the VM.

This can be undone by opening the VMX file in a text editor (with the VM shut down), and setting
svga.guestBackedPrimaryAware = "FALSE"

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Network routing in AWS S3 

If attempting to route between two subnets on S3 (such as between the S3 VPC and OpenVPN connected machines), you will need to right-click the router instance, select Network -> Change Source/Dest Check, and disable it.

This is on top of enabling IP forwarding. It is not necessary to enable promiscuous mode on the interface(s).
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npmrc and authToken 

It looks like the npmrc (usually ~/.npmrc) file needs to be chmod 0600 (owner only rw) before npm install will use any authToken contained within it. Running npm login sets this permission on the file.

Related, but obvious in hindsight: Make sure the HOME environment variable points to the directory containing .npmrc. If it's being changed, obviously npm will not be able to find the npmrc file.
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Grasshopper navigation 

When using Grasshopper (the plugin for Rhino 3D), you can select the inputs to a block with Ctrl-Left, and all consumers of the block with Ctrl-Right.

This makes understanding complex Grasshopper graphs much simpler.
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NPM and Git with semver 

NPM supports specifying a package dependency using:
With semver respecting the full versioning rules. It uses the same Git tagging system applied by npm version.

However, if multiple modules use this, they will not be seen as the same module, even if requesting the exact same semver and Git revision (as shown in package-lock.json).

This can cause failures when checking objects with instanceof. The different modules will have different implementations of the class, and thus fail instanceof checks.
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