MUD Project 

Created a Launchpad project at to publicly host the sources for my concept testing MUD.
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Game Rooms 

Did some more developing on my concept testing game server. Rooms now have connectivity (Portals). The current testing map creates 4 rooms and links them to the starting lobby, users can move between rooms. This is in preparation for event propagation - sounds/actions/etc will be events that pass from location to connected locations, changing as they go.

The plan is that a clear sound in one room will be muffled if passing through a closed door, and become muffled after passing through multiple open doors. Visual events will become less detailed as they pass through (open) portals. Also line-of-sight will affect the events, so that sound becomes muffled faster going around corners, and visual events won't go around corners.
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Game, Wiki 

Fiddled with the wiki, so that the image gallery can be inlined from the Image Gallery. This is done by using a wiki page and putting the HTML/JavaScript there, then in the Game page, putting <embed>.
The embedded code actually uses a XMLHtmlRequest to pull the gallery HTML and insider it into a div element. This was done, rather then an iframe, because the Gallery2 component was designed to be inlined. It recommends using the PHP readfile function to do so, but the Javascript way works as well, and causes the gallery to be loaded AFTER the page load, rather then delaying it.
Fiddled with the wiki game.side page (that describes a custom side menu for the game section) to have it automagically build links as pages are added to the game group.

Added some description of the games crafting design.
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Irssi, Wiki 

Fiddled with the Irssi IRC plug-in more, improved the server-side line wrap unwrapping.

Installed a Wiki on this site, using BoltWire. I haven't used this package before, but it doesn't require a database, and seems to do some things quite cleverly.
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EvoGrid, IPv6, Game System 

Got the EvoGrid code up to the point where we hit most of our milestones and the processes can now be run continuously and in parallel.

Updated my IPv6 configuration, as my tunnel provider moved their connection from a tunnel to a native service provided by their hosting. This required changing my IPv6 prefix. My blog came in useful for finding the process I'd used previously

Doing some concept development for NPC behavior in my Game. Focusing primarily on movement. Also documented part of the resource and crafting system concepts. Stored locally, pending creation of a wiki.
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