VMWare Black Screen at higher resolutions 

If running a VM at higher resolution thatn 1024x768 is causing a black screen, and in Ubuntu, cases an error message "Cannot configure monitor" to have appeared when you resize the view back down, VMWare may have added the setting guestBackedPrimaryAware to your Virtual Machines VMX file. This appears to relate to the presence of VMWare Tools in the VM.

This can be undone by opening the VMX file in a text editor (with the VM shut down), and setting
svga.guestBackedPrimaryAware = "FALSE"

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Bluetooth audio quality 

If your Bluetooth headphones come up as both Headset and Headphones, you want Headphones.

Headset is quite limited in sound quality, intended for older hands-free phone devices.

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dpkg-buildpackage failing with error 2 

The error
fakeroot debian/rules clean
: No such file or directory
'. Stop. No rule to make target `
dpkg-buildpackage: error: fakeroot debian/rules clean gave error exit status 2

can be caused by copying from a Windows box, and having Windows line endings in debian/rules.
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AWS S3 and copying files 

When migrating content from one S3 bucket to another (as it is not possible to rename a bucket), S3 Browser supports copying files without downloading (as long as they are in the same region), while Cyberduck does not.
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If using Corosync/Pacemaker and you get a "ghost" node (due to changing the hostname of a node, for example), the command to delete the node is:

cibadmin --delete --obj_type nodes --crm_xml '<node id="hostname" />'
hostname should be replaced with the name of the node.

You absolutely do want to remove these ghost nodes, as they can prevent elections/allocation of resources, especially if using a two-node cluster.
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