From Debian Sarge to Lenny 

Tried to upgrade an old debian box. Part way through the dist upgrade, it realized I was still using a 2.4 kernel, and the new libc6 needed a 2.6 kernel. As this happened half way through a dist-upgrade, the packages were left in a broken state. While trying to fix this, got the machine to a point where /bin was broken (mismatched libc6 version). Fortunately, after giving the machine up for toast, I realized wget was still usable, and was able to one-by-one download the sarge versions of the broken packages, dpkg --unpack them (as dpkg --install was broken) to the point where dpkg --install worked again. From here I continued, getting the system to a completely unbroken (package wise) state.
Kept installing packages off google-found repositories and got the required services running again.
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