EvoGrid, Makefiles & Nagios 

Tweaked around and compiled (to C) the EvoGrid JSON FSM, committing it.
Grabbed the last release of YAJL and built it for use.

Did some thinking and research about Digital Spaces communicating with another system over CORBA, looked at a Python system for accessing and implementing CORBA objects.

Adapted Makefiles I was provided to work with the Evogrid source. Learned a few neat things about WHY Makefiles work the way they do.

Set up Nagios NRPE to run in the DigitalSpace VPS, since I noticed it's RAM usage was ticking up and I wanted to monitor it. I already use Nagios3 at home for basic monitoring, and it seems it talks to nagios2's nrpe without any qualms. Will need to set up some custom commands for monitoring exactly what I want, but that's simple.
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