Mailman porting 

Moved the Mailman mailing lists from the old server to the new one. Fortunately this was very easy as we had a good Mailman backup system in place. config_list is used to export/import the list configuration (sans password), and list_members/add_members for the members.

Found some peculiarities with how Plesk handles mailing lists, it doesn't allow you to put them on a subdomain, such as, although it does put the Mailman web interface on . Since we were porting existing lists, keeping the same email address was important. I solved this by adding the lists to the domain, bringing the configuration and member lists over, then adding lists.example.domain to /var/mail/control/rcpthosts and virtualdomains . This change may get wiped out if/when I upgrade the Plesk control panel, but I see little reason to do that at this point.
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