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Moved an early version of Joomla over to the DS VPS.
Ran into problems with the old mysqldump not back-ticking field names that became keywords in new versions of mysql. Also, under the old version/build of MySQL, character fields were latin1, with one byte per character. On the new host, characters are utf-8 (unless otherwise specified) which has a worst-case of three bytes per character, and this increase is size broke the 1000 byte width limit for MySQL indexes.
Additionally, the old host was a Win2K server, so MySQL table names were not case sensitive (as this is exposed from the underlying FS). The new host is a linux box, so Gallery2 broke when the tables were imported in all lower-case names.

Moved this blog (running Simple PHP Blog over to the DS VPS.
Ran into a problem when moving, was getting "Zero Sized Reply" errors. This was due to an error occurring, but due to this system using ob_start to capture the theme generator output, the error messages were being captured, then the script would time out, and the messages never displayed. I fixed this by removing the ob_start from theme.php and scripts/sb_utility.php (the second one being related to using gzip compression). This showed me the error message, and the big looping spam of knock-on errors. The new server had (by default) no write access to a file the blog system tried to open (config/users.php, no idea why it would want to open that).
Also ran into a problem when making this post, that the /config folder is used for holding a cache, and needs to be writable as well.
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