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Improved the daemon implementation, and implemented a grid-based temperature calculator, to allow identifying localized increases in temperature.
Also did some mangling of the Digital Space website code, so that my automatically generated date index only showed up on pages where there articles had been sorted by date. It didn't work on pages without that sorting, and didn't make sense to anyway.

Spent a while implementing a custom libnoise module that can create a bounding box, with a transition border. Used this to generate a terrain map with a guaranteed below water edge. Notice on this image there are no islands running against the edge of the map.

This is an "artificial" constraint to apply to the "pure" noise generation, but what use is automatic data generation if it doesn't do what we want? My next thought is to make a module that allows me to make flat areas on the map, to have the data generator auto-magically include flat sections for building placement (because my manual terrain mangling skills are less then stellar).
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