Internet, Debian packages 

The phone line tech came out this morning. Phone first rang at 7:30am to tell us it was fixed... over the static. In the end he fixed two problems, one in the exchange and one where the line connects to the house. This fixed the problem, it would seem. Touch wood.

The last week has been spent re-packaging EvoGrid and dependencies as Debian packages. The EvoGrid source now uses one package specification (instead of one per daemon). Working on the dependencies, including the ones I have to patch before using.
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EvoGrid, OpenOffice 

On Sunday did an interview for Biota Live about the current status of the EvoGrid.

Preparing slides and materials for an in-Second Life lecture/presentation about the EvoGrid to the Embryo Phyiscs group.

Learnt a few things about using OpenOffice Draw for making slides.
  • Setting the page size to 25.6cm by 25.6cm made for a nice power of two square.
  • When trying to embed a graph from Calc into Draw, set the graph size in Calc first, then copy and paste it. It will embed as an OLE object. Trying to resize the embedded object just distorts the visuals, not re-layouts.
  • The Graph button in Draw is basically useless, no ability to copy-paste rows or columns.
  • You can Export each slide to PNG. The size of the exported image does not seem immediately related to the page size, or view/zoom level.

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Created private grid EvoGrid VM's. These images by default only operate on the host-only network connection.
As part of this process, the daemons have been put into Debian packages. Currently each one uses a separate /debian folder, and in future should be combined into one source package, since they are logically one.
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Working on making the EvoGrid code is more configurable. Moving out previously hard coded strings to configuration files and functions.

Tried to find a commonly used library for C that will handle .ini or other configuration files, but didn't find one. libconfig0 is available in Debian oldstable, and libconfig8 is available in testing, but nothing in stable. Also, libconfig8 uses it's own heirachal format, not the common .INI format.
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Wiki, Gallery 

Spent some time customising the Wiki, installed an image gallery. Customised somewhat to make each part link to the other.
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