EvoGrid, Internet 

Set up the Evogrid sources on another machine to use for simulation.

This machine uses dual Athlon CPUs. There is a lot of various information about the correct operating temperature of Athlon CPUs. The technical sheet from AMD says they are rated for 85C to 90C, depending on the model.

The machine in question is currently running at 80C on both CPUs with both CPUs pegged at 100%.

Today Internet connection dropped noticeably, a line test showed a definate problem. ISP is performing a test at a lower speed profile "to see if it works". Wife told me that while this problem occurred, she was in the yard and saw a telephone company technician working on the pillar. Tomorrow will contact ISP and inform them of this.
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Ejabberd and SSL 

Replaced my SSL cert for ejabberd, as the automatically generated one had expired. Ejabberd requires both the CERTIFICATE and the PRIVATE KEY to be in the same .pem file.
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EvoGrid, IPv6, Game System 

Got the EvoGrid code up to the point where we hit most of our milestones and the processes can now be run continuously and in parallel.

Updated my IPv6 configuration, as my tunnel provider moved their connection from a tunnel to a native service provided by their hosting. This required changing my IPv6 prefix. My blog came in useful for finding the process I'd used previously

Doing some concept development for NPC behavior in my Game. Focusing primarily on movement. Also documented part of the resource and crafting system concepts. Stored locally, pending creation of a wiki.
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EvoGrid, HD TV 

Continuing work on the EvoGrid, redesigned the new job submission system to be able to be performed remotely, rather then requiring direct database access.

Purchased a HD LCD TV and been tweaking the set up when fed from a computer. The TV is cutting off the edges of the display, stretching the content it does show, as the computers output matches the display resolution.
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Today was spent working on web content for the DS site. My previous addition of automatically generated date indexes turns out to not actually work. I'm trying to find a way to make it work, without damaging things.
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