Irssi, Wiki 

Fiddled with the Irssi IRC plug-in more, improved the server-side line wrap unwrapping.

Installed a Wiki on this site, using BoltWire. I haven't used this package before, but it doesn't require a database, and seems to do some things quite cleverly.
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EvoGrid, Irssi 

Ongoing documentation of the EvoGrid, wrote some code for producing graphviz files displaying the currently explored search tree.

Mucked about with an Irssi Perl script to allow telnet (MUD) access in the Irssi program. Have improved the starting script to not require newlines before displaying text. Working on removing extraneous newlines (server side line wrapping) and improving support for colors. Currently colors are being passed blindly from the telnet connection to the Irssi display, and are only working because they are interpreted by the terminal. This leads to them affecting other parts of the interface, and to not continuing over lines.
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Documenting the EvoGrid prototype design.
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Worked on a human readable status page for the EvoGrid.
Reduced database on-disk size by two thirds, by sacrificing flexibility. This was in place for a future direction that we have decided not to pursue.
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EvoGrid, Internet 

Now have the Evogrid daemon code running on multiple Debian machines. Yesterdays simulation time was discarded due to a bug that occurred during the change to make the code more portable.

Internet problem expanded to a phone line problem, after periodically having no dial tone and noise/dropped calls. ISP/Phone company reluctant to send out technician for intermittent problem. Technicians are contracted from another company, with significant fees for call out if no problem is detected.
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