Uformia, Plesk 

Finished the current months tasks for Uformia on Wednesday, I'm satisfied with what I got done.

Spent some time tweaking the DS server, set it so that access logs for the larger of the sites are mail to me, rather then processed with AWStats. This has reduced the load (and the length of it) experienced when webstat generation is done. If we need to access webstats for the larger sites, we can generate them on a different machine.

Note for other Plesk users - Logs are emailed uncompressed, as the body text of the email, not compressed or not as an attachment.
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Game, Wiki 

Fiddled with the wiki, so that the image gallery can be inlined from the Image Gallery. This is done by using a wiki page code.embed.gallery.game and putting the HTML/JavaScript there, then in the Game page, putting <embed gallery.game>.
The embedded code actually uses a XMLHtmlRequest to pull the gallery HTML and insider it into a div element. This was done, rather then an iframe, because the Gallery2 component was designed to be inlined. It recommends using the PHP readfile function to do so, but the Javascript way works as well, and causes the gallery to be loaded AFTER the page load, rather then delaying it.
Fiddled with the wiki game.side page (that describes a custom side menu for the game section) to have it automagically build links as pages are added to the game group.

Added some description of the games crafting design.
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Got to the first usable stage of the Tag CMS, where all the media types provided for testing work (html is shown as stripped text, FLV in a player, and images as such).

Cappuccino has it's quirks, but it's a system I'd use again. Making your own Views (control type elements) is pretty straight forward, once you read the source. Documentation is very lacking. Doxygen does not fully parse the ObjJ syntax, so many parameter types don't link. Also, ObjJ doesn't implement enum's, so there's no linking of parameter types to values when it's an enum style parameter.
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Continued work on the tag based CMS. When working with the familiar UI concepts Cappuccino implements, development occurs rapidly. CPWebView however is not fully implemented, and doesn't respond the same as all over Views to resizing. It also doesn't destroy properly (yet).
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EvoGrid, Uformia 

Spent two days reading papers about topics related to the EvoGrid. Wrote up some introductory papers and drafting a "response" to the papers I read.

Started work on a new project for Uformia, a tag based CMS using Cappuccino. It's "Objective J" that compiles down to Javascript and lets you write code for the UI without worrying about platform (browser version etc). The parser is braindead and easy to break, but when it works it works well.
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