I used these instructions to make WGA play nice with my TinyXP VM install. I used the "copy-paste into registry file" method described. I also blocked at my network firewall, which may or may not have been required for this to work.
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Python, Doxygen and Graphviz 

Wrote a Python utility to parse Doxygen XML output and produce class relationships, using the same data as CALL_GRAPH. This produces a map of "which classes call functions on other classes", versus what Doxygen produces is "this function calls these other functions". Still needs work, currently it includes more then just classes, and needs to handle global functions correctly.
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Amarok SQLite to MySQL 

Amarok was basically unusable on my shared system. I moved from using SQLite3 (stored in ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/collection.db ) to MySQL (running on the same host, stored in /var/lib/mysql - different partitions). The process for porting from SQLite3 to MySQL was straightforward. Performance has improved greatly.

This may be due to the /home file system needing a good fsck and defrag, or due to SQLite3 vs MySQL performance, I can't tell at this point.
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nf_conntrack and pppd 

I have discovered that "nf_conntrack: table full, dropping packet" is a bad error and will make pppd repeatedly disconnect (when using PPPoE). Rebooting the machine fixed the issue. The error logs made it look like the remote machine was terminating the connection, but this may have been in response to MY end dropping packets.
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WMware Player 

VMware Player will "helpfully" detect the install of WinXP and attempt to provide an unattended install. However, if you are installing from a disk that already includes unattended install information, the information on the disc/iso will be replaced with VMware's.

To avoid this, tell it the os is type "Other". Unfortunately, this seems to somewhat confuse the use of VM Tools, so that resizing the VM window does not automatically resize the screen resolution.

It was later suggested to me to unmount the floppy disk, that this would prevent the issue from occurring.
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