Microsoft File History 

If using File History for your backups on Windows, do not copy files directly from the backup folders/disk. It appears (but I haven't tracked down exactly what) that there is some permissions applied to the files that doesn't show in the standard File Permissions UI.
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Cross-compiling libraries on Linux 

When compiling x32 libraries on an x64 (Ubuntu) platform, you need to have gcc-multilib and/or g++-multilib installed. Otherwise linking will fail with "library not found" messages.
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NFS bg option 

NFS mounts have the bg option, allowing background mounting. This means that if the initial mount times out (for example depending on a network interface that isn't configured yet), it will spawn a background process that retries the mount periodically, and return as if it had succeeded.
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7zip support for FreeCommander/TotalCommander 

Through the use of a plugin for TotalCommander it is possible to browse and extract from all the formats supported by 7zip.
If you use a 32bit build of FreeCommander (the free version is 32bit) you will need the 32bit installation of 7zip as well.
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xar replacement 

The eXtensible ARchiver (command line xar) is no longer packaged with Ubuntu. However, unpacking the format is supported by 7zip (command line 7z).

Additionally, the Ubuntu Lucid packages for xar and libxar1 will install on Ubuntu Trusty.
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