EvoGrid, EVE Online 

Continued work on EvoGrid, running into problems with the design not allowing for multiple bond types, as well as cases where our reference (GROMACS) simulates simple molecules as single particles, where we would rather simulate their components, in order to allow atomic interchange.

Been playing EVE Online for an hour or two a night (more on weekends), and have been building spreadsheets to try and find profitable trade opportunities. At my current level I'm finding that the simplest of incomes sources is the best - mining ore for immediate sale. However I've joined a corporation with some members at 100% refining skill, meaning they will refine ore to minerals for free for me, with no loss, allowing me increase the sale value by a further 10% to 15%, depending on market conditions. Unfortunately, 10% of 1,000,000 is only 100,000 so not a BIG increase.
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GTK+ Glade & Python 

I've been fiddling about with Glade (interface loading library for GTK+), looking to make a utility for scraping EVE-Online market data (legitimately) and having it display the worths of possible cargoes. I currently do this with a spreadsheet, but I cannot scrape the market data automagically using the spreadsheet.
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Summary of last month 

  • JomRes extension and reports
  • Rackspace Cloud servers - Cheap VPS with small disks and lots of RAM (assume you won't use it)
  • Zimbra Collaborative Suite - Requires 1GB just to run. Installs its own instances of common daemons
  • Redmine - Looks straightforward, haven't used it yet. Ubuntu Lucid's Ruby packages will install on 8.04 LIS. Update librubygem (or something similar) to fix gem problems

Digital Space:
  • Slow development on EvoGrid - Self guided introduction to Valence and Electronegativity to approximately model charge variation during bonding.

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Uformia, Planetary Mood Ring 

Looked into a Joomla related development task, to create a booking module for tour providers and hotels.
Did initial set up of their new VPS. It is a Rackspace Cloud Server, which seems much the same as any other VPS. Their control panel was down when I went to administer it, which was unfortunate timing. However I've since set it up with Webmin (which seems very lightweight and effective), the usual Apache/MySQL/PHP stack, as well as Exim + Dovecot for email accounts.

Updated the PlanetaryMoodRing site, so that it provides emails of the submitted data, and automatically subscribes the person to a mailing list. I decided that the user needing to confirm membership was acceptable (instead of just subscribing them immediately) on the idea that people who provided their email address out of habit, without reading "for mailing list", will mark the mailing list as spam, potentially leading to the list being binned across an entire email provider.
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Planetary Mood Ring 

Put together the forms and displays for http://www.planetarymoodring.org/ on short requirements. Produces table based HTML displays, as well as tab-separated text for machine use.

Using PHP's lambda function feature (create_user_function) and variable functions (put the name of a function in a variable, as a string, and then calling it $var() ) to allow me to use the same code for outputting both HTML and TXT, and setting prefix/postfix strings and text escaping functions (TXT has no escaping... hmm, should escape tabs).

Ran into Magic Quotes being enabled on the server. All strings were deliberately escaped by the code, but Magic Quotes was getting in before my code, leading to double escaping.
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