MythTV not scheduling 

If MythTV is not scheduling recordings, tail -f /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log while running mythfilldatabase. At the end of it's run, mythfilldatabase will trigger a re-scan of upcoming recordings. If an SQL error occurs, it will be shown in the log.

"Prepared statement needs to be re-prepared" appears to be a MySQL error. This was fixed with mysqlcheck -u mythtv -p --repair mythconverg (using the password from /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt ). Rescheduling appears to happen immediately, without running mythfilldatabase again.
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MFC auto-resizing 

Automatic resizing controls.

Useful header that gives you a MFC-compatible method of doing basic automatic resizing for window/dialog controls. Useful when you have a dialog that is already designed and resizing is added as a late request.
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Symvol Community Edition Released 

Symvol Community Edition has been released.
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DVD Backups 

DVDFab is a suitable replacement to the old faithful DVD Shrink.
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MFC Tooltips 

Today I worked on adding custom tooltips for a CSliderCtrl. The CSliderCtrl was an alternative interface to using a drop-down combo box, and the tooltips had to show what option was currently associated. Attempting to do this from the parent window via WM_NOTIFY didn't work, but the following example did:

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