Barycentric coordinates 

If working with points on a 2d triangle, or a line (defined by two points) on the plane defined by a triangle, then barycentric coordinates are an excellent method of representing the points. In particular, it allows you to find the point where the line crosses the edge of the triangle in a very simple way.

Guide I'm using re: barycentric coordinates: BlackPawn: Points in triangle

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Windows Command Line Tools 

ConEmu-Maximus5: Tabbed command prompt wrapper that can wrap cmd.exe , and GUI programs as well, EG PuTTY.

Clink: BASH style autocompletion/shortcuts for cmd.exe (and this works if cmd.exe is being wrapped by ConEmu).
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Vim & Make 

When editing compilable code in Vim, you can use :make rather then :!make to trigger a build.

This will run Make, then jump to the first error. Additionally you can use :cn and :cN to jump to the next and previous error respectively.
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VMWare accelerated driver for OSX Guest 

VMsvga2 provides accelerated video for OSX guests in VMWare. This support is provided by VMTools for Windows and Linux guests, but is not available for OSX without this third party driver.
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Laptop BIOS passwords is a useful utility for "recovering" laptop passwords from some common BIOS.
On these BIOS, if you fail login too many times, you are given a prompt containing the password hash. This utility generates a password with the same hash, allowing you access to the BIOS.
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