xar replacement 

The eXtensible ARchiver (command line xar) is no longer packaged with Ubuntu. However, unpacking the format is supported by 7zip (command line 7z).

Additionally, the Ubuntu Lucid packages for xar and libxar1 will install on Ubuntu Trusty.
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Closure and @export 

When using the Closure compiler, if you have specified --process_jquery_primitives then the @exports option cannot be used. You will get the error:
ERROR - Exports can only be generated if export symbol/property functions are set.

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Boost template visualizers for Visual Studio 

Boost template visualizers for Visual Studio allows Visual Studio to give better debug information for some Boost data types. Particularly useful is support for boost::optional as the Visual Studio debugger cannot normally decode the value stored in the class.

Not clear in the documentation is that you need to edit the file autoexp.dat manually to add the visualizer specifications. This will usually require Administrator privileges.
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Barycentric coordinates 

If working with points on a 2d triangle, or a line (defined by two points) on the plane defined by a triangle, then barycentric coordinates are an excellent method of representing the points. In particular, it allows you to find the point where the line crosses the edge of the triangle in a very simple way.

Guide I'm using re: barycentric coordinates: BlackPawn: Points in triangle

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Windows Command Line Tools 

ConEmu-Maximus5: Tabbed command prompt wrapper that can wrap cmd.exe , and GUI programs as well, EG PuTTY.

Clink: BASH style autocompletion/shortcuts for cmd.exe (and this works if cmd.exe is being wrapped by ConEmu).
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