If using Corosync/Pacemaker and you get a "ghost" node (due to changing the hostname of a node, for example), the command to delete the node is:

cibadmin --delete --obj_type nodes --crm_xml '<node id="hostname" />'
hostname should be replaced with the name of the node.

You absolutely do want to remove these ghost nodes, as they can prevent elections/allocation of resources, especially if using a two-node cluster.
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Microsoft File History 

If using File History for your backups on Windows, do not copy files directly from the backup folders/disk. It appears (but I haven't tracked down exactly what) that there is some permissions applied to the files that doesn't show in the standard File Permissions UI.
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Cross-compiling libraries on Linux 

When compiling x32 libraries on an x64 (Ubuntu) platform, you need to have gcc-multilib and/or g++-multilib installed. Otherwise linking will fail with "library not found" messages.
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NFS bg option 

NFS mounts have the bg option, allowing background mounting. This means that if the initial mount times out (for example depending on a network interface that isn't configured yet), it will spawn a background process that retries the mount periodically, and return as if it had succeeded.
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7zip support for FreeCommander/TotalCommander 

Through the use of a plugin for TotalCommander it is possible to browse and extract from all the formats supported by 7zip.
If you use a 32bit build of FreeCommander (the free version is 32bit) you will need the 32bit installation of 7zip as well.
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