Digital Spaces 

Continued work on the linux port.
Moved to a SVN branch instead of developing off the 0.12.4 release tag.
Fixed __stdcall replacement for GCC.
Replaced __declspec(dllimport) and related with compiler appropriate macro's.
Initial move from compiling customized Wml to using WildMagicLibrary4 as a dependency. Implemented Vector3f, Vector4f, Quaternionf as classes in the DigitalSpaces namespace.
Currently stuck on templating differences between VC8 and GCC4.0, compounded by use of macro's to simplify DInterface implementation.
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Digital Spaces & Game 

Happy Birthday to Me.

Attempted further debugging of Wml compilation under linux. No idea.
Trying upgrade to latest version of Wml.
Decided to re-implement Wml integration, by implementing a class in the DigitalSpace namespace that inherits from the Wml classes and implements the conversion functionality that i currently wedged into the implementations (and possibly causing the compilation problems).

Lots of in-person discussion with Lead Conceptualist.
Addressed on point by point basis the main problems in MMO's (cheating, power-levelling, RMT) and worked out methods for integrating into gameplay making them no longer advantageous to cheat
Fleshed out ideas of player to NPC interaction, player NPC "ownership" as part of owning property.
Discussed magic system (as relates to storyline and gameplay) and tied into crafting system.
Discussed player co-operation for crafting efforts.
And more I forget about.
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2009-06-24 - Digital Spaces 

Continued linux port work.
Worked out why DInterface declarations were not working (although not why virtual __stdcall wasn't acceptable).
Worked out problems with DInterfaceImplementation macros.
TinyXML now compiles to library.
Working on Wml, appears to not be inheriting templated base classes correctly (at all).
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2009-06-23 - Digital Spaces 

Set up a Debian VM to do DSS porting on.
Got premake building Makefile's.
Identified initial TODO's relating to DInterface macro's.
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