Ragtag, EvoGrid, Laptop 

Both the Cappuccino based CMS (now named Ragtag) for Uformia, and the EvoGrid for DigitalSpace are continuing.

Picked up a new laptop, after the old ones PCMCIA slot broke. Between the 512MB of RAM and the 4200RPM 80GB HDD (which I hardly used any of), it was well and truly aged. For half the price I paid for it then, I got a machine with 2GB of RAM, 5200RPM 512GB HDD, with inbuilt wifi and running Windows 7 Home. Since this is primarily aimed to be a remoting/web client, this is more then sufficient for what I need.
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EVE Online 

Did some more work with the EVE-Central data. I now have orders being updates as appropriate. Unfortunately this required replacing one big INSERT with a try INSERT catch UPDATE block of code.
This is now being fed data retrieved from the live EVE-Central site. As there are several thousand salable products in the EVE universe, I have the code grabbing a random 100 on each run.
I've also done some basic map generation based on the system connectivity specification provided in the EVE DB. The map will tie together with the order data, to let me run a naive profit seeking search - Starting at a home base, consider each purchasable good at each station, then step out to each of the surrounding systems, and consider if the available buy/sells there. This is repeated up to a set number of jumps, at which point it tells me which route will produce the most (potential) profit.
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EVE Online 

Spent some time today using Python to parse a downloaded Eve-Central QuickLook API result, and to store the extracted orders in a MySQL database. To make it more interesting (and potentially more useful), I'm using the MySQLdb Python DB API implementation. A good reason for this is that EVE officially uses MSSQL as their DB servers, and makes their static data available as MSSQL DB dump. This can be loaded into a free-to-use version of MSSQL, so many people may be using this.
Currently I have Sell orders being inserted into the database, but I don't have them updating existing orders when newer data on an order is seen.
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Yesterday and today marked a turning point with working with Cappuccino (Objective-J UI framework that apparently mimics Cocoa). After digging repeatedly through the source code, I now know the ways and places I am expected to work with and extend the framework. This has made it easy to add the functionality I had been unable to, as well as re-implement the already added functionality in a much more logical and streamlined way.
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Today I set up fail2ban on the Uformia cloud servers. Having to do some slight customisation for Webmin (some defaults were provided, but not a full configuration), I learnt more about how it works.
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