Sending email through Task Scheduler 

The Task Scheduler action "Send an e-mail" needs to be able to authenticate before sending.
To do this, I enabled the SMTP Feature in Windows, went into the firewall, disabled all the external access rules (just to be on the safe side), and allowed to relay.
The Send Email action I set to use localhost for the SMTP server. The "From" setting is not used in the authentication process, rather the user account the Task is acting as.

The error messages I got through this process are:
Error Value: 2147746319 - Relay not permitted
Error Value: 2147746321 - Account not authenticating
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Bash Scripting 

Bash supports numerical looping by:
for (( I = 0; I < 10; I++ ));

This includes variable substitutions, allowing the min/max to be set by variables.
BASH also supports
for I in {1..10};
but the numbers have to be hard coded (no variable substitution).
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Bazaar has built-in support for working with SVN. You can do things like:
bzr branch localfolder
and you can use it as a local bzr branch, then bzr push to push the changes to svn as a single commit, and bzr pull to merge upstream changes into your local branch.
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The "-S" parameter to du lists each folders total on it's own, rather then including subfolders. Very useful for finding which specific folder has all the files in it.
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Plesk, Debian 

The 9.0.1 Plesk packages for Debian 4.0 will install and work on Debian 5.0, EXCEPT for psa-proftpd (OpenSSL library version issue). The psa-proftpd package from 9.2.3 (first version with official Debian 5.0 support) will install correctly into Plesk 9.0.1 and appears to work correctly.
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