Studied the igraph API that I'll be using inside the EvoGrid application for building bond information.
Discussed the current state and direction of EvoGrid development with Bruce.
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Got the first example/template building for the style I'll be using in The City.

Put a few in the city to get a sense of scale

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Evogrid, Biota Live, Blog 

Tweaked the EvoGrid wiki, including changing wording in system messages to better show accounts need authorizing, and hiding links that won't work for users with limited rights.

Participated in Biota Live

Realized this blog software supports multiple categories per post, merged multiple posts on same day into one.
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EvoGrid & SPF 

Spent time fixing the SPF records on digitalspace.com - Turns out the tester I was using was just ignoring any malformed entries.

Set up evogrid-dev mailing list
Tweaked and updated the EvoGrid wiki site
Included Space.Com article
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EvoGrid, VPN, and Game 

Started reimplementation of exclusion calculation - Will need to create a graph (linked node structure), will be using igraph library.
Produced a concept for a visualization explaining the behavior of the simulation system.

Documented setting up a VPN connection to DigitalSpace VPN, in order to avoid SMTP redirection issues.
Migrated myself from Firefox 3.1 to Firefox 3.5

Discussed game concepts.

Chat log below:
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