If you find your pppd is not running /etc/ppp/ip-up , check if you have ifname specified in your peers/options. For me, having this option A) didn't change the name of the interface, and B) kept ip-up from being ran.
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Debian Packages 

prevu is a useful tool for building packages from different releases.

However, when prevu fails (due to changes in the .dsc format, or depending on options in dpkg that were added in a specific version), remember prevu is just a script for setting up a chroot build environment, and you can still grab the orig source and ubuntu/debian diff, apply one to the other, then use dpkg-buildpackage to do the same thing. It won't be quite as neat, as you will need to install the build dependencies, but it should work where prevu doesn't.
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In Vim, you can "show whitespace characters" using
:set list
eol is shown with $ and \t show with ^I .
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Sending email through Task Scheduler 

The Task Scheduler action "Send an e-mail" needs to be able to authenticate before sending.
To do this, I enabled the SMTP Feature in Windows, went into the firewall, disabled all the external access rules (just to be on the safe side), and allowed to relay.
The Send Email action I set to use localhost for the SMTP server. The "From" setting is not used in the authentication process, rather the user account the Task is acting as.

The error messages I got through this process are:
Error Value: 2147746319 - Relay not permitted
Error Value: 2147746321 - Account not authenticating
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Bash Scripting 

Bash supports numerical looping by:
for (( I = 0; I < 10; I++ ));

This includes variable substitutions, allowing the min/max to be set by variables.
BASH also supports
for I in {1..10};
but the numbers have to be hard coded (no variable substitution).
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