GNPS Website & OpenProj 

Downloaded and did some initial changes to the GNPS website.

Tried to use OpenProj to track my working efforts, but spent more time trying to convince it I was allowed to work on weekends.
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VPS and Digital Spaces 

Shopped around the various VPS providers found on the net, to match the needs of the DigitalSpace websites.

Continued the Digital Spaces linux port. Almost all the work has been related to how gc4 handles templates "more correctly" then Visual Studio.
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Digital Spaces 

Working on the linux porting. Removed Win32 Browse For code, haven't replaced.

Fiddled with OpenProj, a project management tool, to try and get a bit more organized.
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Improved the simulation loop control to prevent over-long runs producing more visualization data then could be used.
Replaced several "magic constants" with command line parameters.
Spent most of the day producing simulation run data for visualization, then fixing/tweaking the code to produce better output.
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EvoGird, JSON & Finite State Machines 

Refreshed my knowledge of JSON.
Sketched out some skeleton data types for simulator abstract communication in the EvoGrid design. (JSON is lighter then XML, but covers the same functionality we'll use.)
Looked at Finite State Machines and "compilers" that take a FSM description and produce C code.
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