Plesk, QMail & SpamAssassin 

Migrated the mail accounts to the VPS, found out that Plesk (the VPS control panel) considers SpamAssassin to be a premium feature. Fortunately that's just the control panel for it, removing then re-adding the psa-spamassassin package through the normal Debian package management will apply the SpamAssasin integration to any existing mail accounts. You can't configure it through the control panel, but the text config files are all in place.

Also set up a .qmail address to feed into sa-learn, which is the Bayesian learning for SpamAssasin.
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Server move 

Back to focusing on the server migration, going to do the email and largest website change over this weekend when the traffic is lower.
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EvoGrid, Makefiles & Nagios 

Tweaked around and compiled (to C) the EvoGrid JSON FSM, committing it.
Grabbed the last release of YAJL and built it for use.

Did some thinking and research about Digital Spaces communicating with another system over CORBA, looked at a Python system for accessing and implementing CORBA objects.

Adapted Makefiles I was provided to work with the Evogrid source. Learned a few neat things about WHY Makefiles work the way they do.

Set up Nagios NRPE to run in the DigitalSpace VPS, since I noticed it's RAM usage was ticking up and I wanted to monitor it. I already use Nagios3 at home for basic monitoring, and it seems it talks to nagios2's nrpe without any qualms. Will need to set up some custom commands for monitoring exactly what I want, but that's simple.
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EvoGrid & Finite State Machines 

Prototyped out some more PHP that generates JSON in the appropriate format I want.

Implemented a global configuration data structure for the EvoGrid GROMACS run generator, so that all the changeable data can be specified in one spot, versus as it was needed in the initial implementation.

Worked on specifying a Finite State Machine for using an event-driven JSON parser, that can be converted into C code by CFSM. This allows me to load JSON without producing a full DOM, which would be a problem when using some of the bigger history files (testing already produces 40MB files, and breaks the highlighting Firefox add-on parser). By skipping the DOM generation, we convert directly into the data structures we want, without needing to A) load the entire JSON message into RAM, B) produce a representation of the message in a JSON specific DOM, both things that will require significant amounts of RAM that will only be used to copy data out of in one hit.
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EvoGrid Web Service 

Implemented a very basic PHP based simulation generator for EvoGrid. Currently is just uses predefined data, the same as I've been using in the binary generator (give or take one or two tweaks).
uses PHP's native JSON support.

Installed JSONovich into Firefox for working with the generated JSON, it does some basic prettifying of JSON content.
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