Site Migration & HD Replacement 

I've been transferring sites from DigitalSpace old server to the new VPS.
Set up Joomla for Bruce to start moving content into.

ISP went down this afternoon so took the opportunity to transfer the content to the new HDD (to replace the dying one). Going slow, presumably due to the old HDD failing to read and needing to retry.
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From Debian Sarge to Lenny 

Tried to upgrade an old debian box. Part way through the dist upgrade, it realized I was still using a 2.4 kernel, and the new libc6 needed a 2.6 kernel. As this happened half way through a dist-upgrade, the packages were left in a broken state. While trying to fix this, got the machine to a point where /bin was broken (mismatched libc6 version). Fortunately, after giving the machine up for toast, I realized wget was still usable, and was able to one-by-one download the sarge versions of the broken packages, dpkg --unpack them (as dpkg --install was broken) to the point where dpkg --install worked again. From here I continued, getting the system to a completely unbroken (package wise) state.
Kept installing packages off google-found repositories and got the required services running again.
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VPS & DriveOnMars 

Got access to the new VPS today, after registering from a US IP address, due to using a US billing address from an Australian IP raising a security check.
Familiarized myself with the system, logging in to the various control panels and SSH.

Transferred DriveOnMars over as our first testing site. This took 4 hours of file copying (FTP pulling from VPS, or SFTP pushing to VPS) with speeds varying from 5KB/s to 60KB/s.
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Signed DigitalSpace up for VPS hosting at StartLogic, waiting for account confirmation before I can continue.

Spent some time on the GNPS website, updating their staff list. Removing the repetitive Word formatting shrunk the file to 1/3rd the original size.
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VPS And OpenProj to dotProject 

Shopped around VPS providers, waiting for an email from one before deciding between them and another. Will definitely be paying for one tomorrow.

Gave up on OpenProj, wiped out my previous dotProject install and installed the latest release version. Entered the project details that were in OpenProj into it, added more, particularly re: hosting move.
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