EvoGrid Web Service 

Implemented a very basic PHP based simulation generator for EvoGrid. Currently is just uses predefined data, the same as I've been using in the binary generator (give or take one or two tweaks).
uses PHP's native JSON support.

Installed JSONovich into Firefox for working with the generated JSON, it does some basic prettifying of JSON content.
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Spent a bti of time today transferring some more of the domains/websites over to DigitalSpace's VPS.
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Joomla, VPS, Mailman 

Spent a day transferring content from digitalspace.com to the new joomla.

Fixed breakage to mailing lists because a domain with only a simple website was being used for high traffic mailing lists, which broke when the domain name was transferred. Temporarily fixed by pointing the lists subdomain back at the still live lists server.

Set up Mailman on the VPS, finding the Plesk specific installer in the "Upgrade" section.

Spent time going through receipts for accounting.
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Domain names and websites 

Transferred more domains over to the DigitalSpace VPS.
Fixed one of the domain names not resolving. .org domains require two nameservers, even if the are both names for the same machine. .com domains are happy with just one nameserver, but if you put in two mapping to the same machine, an error is given.
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VPS, Domain transfers, and reCAPTCHA 

Went through and checked some of the sites that had been transferred to the VPS, PHP wasn't enabled by default so some sites that were "pure HTML" had contact forms that were failing.
Went through the contact form code that wasn't working on the new server, decided to replace the home made solution with reCAPTCHA, since it's become a defacto standard, and is in many ways better then what we had.

One of the domains, ccon.org, is failing. According to the .org name-servers, there is no information about ccon.org, although the domain registrar info pages say everything is all set up appropriately.
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