NPM and Git LFS 

NPM (Node Package Manager) doesn't normally work well with Git LFS when installing a package directly from a Git repo. Because it creates a local bare clone as a cache, then checks out in the target directory, Git LFS will be unable to pull objects.

This can be worked around using a .lfsinfo file, to indicate the absolute source URI for all LFS objects.

However, this means any time a npm install is done against this repo, npm/git will download ALL LFS blobs, even if they already exist in the target location.
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Bluetooth audio quality 

If your Bluetooth headphones come up as both Headset and Headphones, you want Headphones.

Headset is quite limited in sound quality, intended for older hands-free phone devices.

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async, await and Promises 

JavaScript adding Promises greatly improved the use of callbacks, because callbacks can now be defined after calling the function instead of before. This allows the code to be cause then effect, rather than reversed as with callback functions.

await and async are boilerplate saving language constructs.

An async function always returns a Promise, but the function is written as if it returns the Promise resolve value. It also enables the use of await inside the function.

Putting await in front of calling a function that returns a Promise automatically waits for the Promise to resolve, and provides the resolving value.

These future language features can be used in current environments, such as NodeJS or web browsers, through the use of a transpiler, such as Babel.
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dpkg-buildpackage failing with error 2 

The error
fakeroot debian/rules clean
: No such file or directory
'. Stop. No rule to make target `
dpkg-buildpackage: error: fakeroot debian/rules clean gave error exit status 2

can be caused by copying from a Windows box, and having Windows line endings in debian/rules.
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AWS S3 and copying files 

When migrating content from one S3 bucket to another (as it is not possible to rename a bucket), S3 Browser supports copying files without downloading (as long as they are in the same region), while Cyberduck does not.
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