Configured Apache to redirect visitors to virtual hosts with many aliases to one domain name. Tried to find a generic way of doing it (using ServerName vs ServerAlias) but was unable to do so. So did it manually for each of the domains.
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Evogrid in NYTimes 

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Game economy resources 

Had a short discussion about in-world economy resources.
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Game Forests 

Spent a bit of time today testing parameters for generating the in-game forest. I found some that look like they will work nicely, and have updated the world map:

There are not yet in world, but because I'm using the same data generator in both the map generator and the world generator, I can use the map as a testing ground.
This doesn't yet include tree heights or species. I haven't decided how to do those yet. An aspect of the species selection will be elevation, with random noise included as well.

OpenSim has recently gotten "MegaRegions", which allow for multiple regions running on one simulator to transfer avatars (and vehicles) without any delay. This will be very relevant to what I want to do. The developer who added this is building a 4KM racetrack.
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Improved the EvoGrid analyzer library to allow multiple callbacks to be attached to one parse of the history.
Also simplified the presentation of the data to the callback creator, so it is all available at calling time, versus at different points.
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