EvoGrid web services & Websites 

Implemented a new version of the EvoGrid web service, where there's a single index.php and it uses appended /simulation-id/property semantics to retrieve the property specific to that simulation id.

Sepnd today doing some fiddly details on finalising the DS hosting move.
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EvoGrid Analyser Library, Plesk and Nagios2 Event Handler 

Today I got the first fully functional version of the EvoGrid Analyser helper library in place, which collects the position and velocity data into arrays, and the bonds into an igraph structure.

Spent some time poking the VPS mail configuration a little more, it had started reporting itself (in mail) as vps.digitalspace.com , not mail.digitalspace.com . I guess I put the wrong information in. This fixes the last of the possible SPF conflicts. While vps.digitalspace.com was the same IP as mail.digitalspace.com , since HELO said vps and SPF said mail , this was a potential conflict.

Also poked at the spam scanner, it was by default set to only run 1 scanning process. This is because Plesk considers the SpamAssassin configuration web UI a premium feature. Fortunately, all the command line tools don't check this. So with a bit of googling, I was able to find the database entry to specify this, moving it up to 2 scanning processes and hopefully reducing the average delivery time for emails.

I also set up Nagios on the VPS, monitoring itself. I'm remotely monitoring it, but this allows me to set up an event handler, specifically for when BIND9 falls over. It seems some "lame server resolving" condition is able to crash it, but this will trigger a service restart when it's detected as being down. I'm restarting on the second SOFT fail. I doubt a false positive could occur with a local process check, but just to be on the same side, I skip the 1st SOFT fail.
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Sudoers Parallels, and music streaming 

Today I worked on off-site backing up the VPS, and set up Sudoers so I could get root permissions for the backup, without needing to manually enter a password. During this process, I mangled it to the point that sudo wouldn't work (and sudo was needed to needed to fix it...).

Fortunately, the Parallels Power Panel allows me access to the FS as root. Unfortunately, the built in edit function saves files with Windows formatted line endings (at least when using it from a Windows system). Fortunately, I was able to download the file, load it in a real editor, switch to unix file endings, and re-upload.

I also tweaked my personal music streaming software (which uses GStreamer to sample Pulseaudio that's being fed by Amarok 1.4). Until now, it would update the titles of any SHOUTcast (or icecast) server it was responsible for sending audio to... regardless of if it actually was successfully connected. Oops!
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EvoGrid Analyser library 

Worked on the EvoGrid Analyzer library today, integrated libCURL, YAJL and the FSM. As this is the second time I've done this (the first time was for the generator configuration parameters), the process was straight forward, but complicated by using an overly large test data set, the data set generator producing invalid JSON (extra commas after the last item of a collection are not permitted by this parser), and just plain typos.

Also spent some time comparing JSON, both compressed and uncompressed, to a flat binary format. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, it seems JSON is not really comparable to a binary format, even after compression. It seems likely we'll be going with a binary format when we go live, as we're going to be producing large datasets and a 12% saving is significant.
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QMail, Reverse DNS, and EvoGrid 

Spent time tweaking the new VPS QMail settings, so that the mail came from digitalspace.com by default, and that it identified itself as mail.digitalspace.com during SMTP HELO. Also worked with the hosting provider to get our IP reverse DNS mapped to mail.digitalspace.com . It took a bit of explaining to get this put through, as the first brush with help-desk staff took place during an offpeak period, and the person clearly was just selecting pre-canned responses, and just directed me to the VM control panel software. After resubmitting a ticket during more common US hours, it still took two explanations of how the change needed to be made on THEIR end.

Re-factored the EvoGrid GROMACS run generator to call the GROMACS executable itself rather then being part of a bash script. This means the executable is only invoked once, and can keep the loaded configuration in memory, instead of needing to re-fetch and re-parse it each time.
Mapped out a FSM for reading the specified EvoGrid simulation history format.
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