Improved the EvoGrid analyzer library to allow multiple callbacks to be attached to one parse of the history.
Also simplified the presentation of the data to the callback creator, so it is all available at calling time, versus at different points.
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EvoGrid and NWN 

Spent some time over the weekend playing Neverwinter Nights. (The first one, not the sequel.) I've been playing multi-player with a friend, it's good fun with another person, even though we've both played the content before.

Had a meeting about the EvoGrid development, and did some additional work on the history format. Adding "header" (applies to all frames) information to the history because I didn't think of the need for it when first developing the file format.
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Perl CPAN and Debian 

Today I spent some time setting up a Qmail monitor for Nagios. This was because at some point during the day, one of the daemons that make up the Qmail system mysteriously died (as seems to happen with this VPS).

As part of this, I installed the check_qmailq Perl script. This required the Nagios::Plugin CPAN component. I used dh-make-perl and debuild to make them into Debian packages. While I could have simply installed the modules using the system generic CPAN system, I like to be neat and use the Debian package manager. Unfortunately, this meant manually solving the dependancies. However, dh-make-perl prints out a nice list of required components, and the CPAN site makes them all available for download.
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Joomla Contact form reCAPTCHA 

I just found and set up a reCAPTCHA plugin for Joomla. The 1.01 version includes support for the Contact form (1.0 only integrates with a per-article comment system the creator uses). Missing in the instructions is that the configuration panel described is in Extensions -> Plugin Manager -> System - JCCReCaptcha. Once there, you paste in your reCAPTCHA keys, enable Use On Contacts. Then go to Contact - JCCReCaptchaCV plugin configuration, and enable that plugin. If you don't enable the plugin, the reCAPTCHA is displayed, but doesn't prevent it being filled out incorrectly.

The only downside seems to be that a failure produces an empty page, not a human readable error message. Since failures will presumably be spambots, this isn't much of a problem, but I may need to go back and touch this up.
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ClamAV with SpamAssassin, EvoGrid, and Firefox 

I set up ClamAV integration with SpamAssassin on the DS VPS. This causes any virus containing emails to be rejected with a high spam score. I went through SpamAssassin, rather then QMail, because the process for integrating QMail with ClamAV is to use QMail-Scanner, which replaces a qmail file with its own, to act as a pre-filter. Unfortunately, Plesk, the control panel software installed on the VPS, does the same thing, for unknown reasons, and I didn't want to run the risk of them conflicting.
Also, I set up Daemon, a Debian package that the bundling for ClamAV on Debian will integrate with, that will apparently restart ClamAV when it fails. To do this, it is simply a case of setting
Foreground true
in /etc/clamav/clamd.conf and the init.d script will take care of the rest. Unfortunately, this didn't seem reliable to me, in casual testing, so I set up Nagios2 to monitor it as well, the same as I did with BIND9.

I did some further EvoGrid development, altering the parameters reading code and removing globals (which were only there because I was lazy) so it could be used as a statically linked library.

Also, a note to anyone who tries out the 64bit build of Mozilla Firefox, when it asks if you want your preferences removed, it means the same ones your 32bit install of Firefox is using.
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