Game Rooms 

Did some more developing on my concept testing game server. Rooms now have connectivity (Portals). The current testing map creates 4 rooms and links them to the starting lobby, users can move between rooms. This is in preparation for event propagation - sounds/actions/etc will be events that pass from location to connected locations, changing as they go.

The plan is that a clear sound in one room will be muffled if passing through a closed door, and become muffled after passing through multiple open doors. Visual events will become less detailed as they pass through (open) portals. Also line-of-sight will affect the events, so that sound becomes muffled faster going around corners, and visual events won't go around corners.
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nagios, check_memory 

Did some small modifications to the check_memory command I've been using to monitor servers memory use. The existing command included chache/buffers in the memory use - which was making a server look like it was in an error condition, when it was actually working normally. (Buffers/Cache SHOULD be using up free memory!)

Here is the modified check_memory. It uses bc, so make sure this is installed.

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If you find your pppd is not running /etc/ppp/ip-up , check if you have ifname specified in your peers/options. For me, having this option A) didn't change the name of the interface, and B) kept ip-up from being ran.
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Debian Packages 

prevu is a useful tool for building packages from different releases.

However, when prevu fails (due to changes in the .dsc format, or depending on options in dpkg that were added in a specific version), remember prevu is just a script for setting up a chroot build environment, and you can still grab the orig source and ubuntu/debian diff, apply one to the other, then use dpkg-buildpackage to do the same thing. It won't be quite as neat, as you will need to install the build dependencies, but it should work where prevu doesn't.
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In Vim, you can "show whitespace characters" using
:set list
eol is shown with $ and \t show with ^I .
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