HTTP 408 and Awstats 

Today a servers access_log started filling with
XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX - - [27/Sep/2013:04:15:11 +0000] "-" 408 0 "-" "-"

These appear to be request timeout. It is acting like some kind of DoS.
The only thing that has been noticeably affected was Awstats. It doesn't know how to parse this line, and treats it as mangled. Awstats has a parameter that controls how many mangled lines it will skip before aborting.

In this case, I set NbOfLinesForCorruptedLog to 1000 (after 100 was not sufficient for it to find a valid record). This allowed the regular cron'ed job to continue.
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ncdu, WinDirStat 

ncdu is a ncurses version of the du utility. It allows browsing through directories with semi-graphical display of relative size.

It is a terminal equivalent to the excellent WinDirStat utility.
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DNS testing tool 

DNSsy is a useful DNS testing tool. It performs a wide range of tests, including comparing the results from your DNS server to the results from the parent DNS server.
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Avast AV & VMWare 

To install a VMWare product (VMWare Player or VMWare Workstation were tested), it is necessary to uninstall Avast AV first. Disabling the shields is not sufficient.

Avast AV appears to block the VMWare Authentication Service as malware, which prevents the installation. However if Avast AV is (re)installed after the VMWare product is installed, there appears to be no issues.
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CMake GUI 

When using CMake GUI, the process is:
* Select source code directory
* Select build directory (I use a 'build' subdirectory of the source code)
* Press Configure to get a list of default settings
* Evaluate options displayed, make any changes required
* IMPORTANT: If you change any options, you need to press Configure again
* Press Generate

Multiple times I have forgotten to press Configure again before pressing Generate, leading to files not compiling as expected.

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