EvoGrid & Game 

Continuing work on the EvoGrid, the simulation server can now specify all the initial condition data that was previously generated by the simulator at start-up. It can also do bond destruction/replacement now, and the simulation history is generated in the JSON format (position/velocity/bonds over time).

Worked on the OpenSim Game, implementing a NPC module. I've got a NPC that stands there and says Hello when someone comes in range. It's not much, but it's a reasonable test case for the framework.
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Nagios & OpenSim game 

Spent some time working on the nagios setup on DS VPS, making the check and event handlers generic.

Upgraded my OpenSim from 0.6.5 to 0.6.6 then to 0.6.7 . Enabled Megaregions. Wowed.
Wrote a small Python app that converts old-style XML region declarations into a INI style region declaration file, sorted appropriately for megaregion generation. Will release it later.

Discussed some of the game concepts with a friend while showing off the megaregion capability. "Monsters" may now be referred to directly as "Sins", so that you "go out and fight some Sins". Since each of the monsters is a personification of one or more of the Seven Deadly Sins.
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Debian and Perl CPAN 

Spent some more time setting up Nagios monitoring of services on the DS VPS. A script for monitoring Mailman required some additional perl modules. I discovered that dh_make_perl has a --cpan Name::Of::Module parameter, which replaces the need for me to manually find the tarballs of the module sources. Also, it has --version for when working with immature CPAN modules that don't provide all the information they should. For example, --cpan Number::Compare --version 0.01 will create files that can be debuild correctly, where without the --version information they wont.
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EvoGrid, dial-up, game & IPv6 

Worked with Bruce to define specific milestones for the EvoGrid development.
Worked on initial state generation in the EvoGrid simulation parameters specified by the simulation manager server.

I'm currently connected to the internet with a dial-up "Agere Mars" soft-modem. I'm using this in my linux router thanks to the Martian - Agere Systems WinModem driver for Linux project.

Now using IPv6 to access an IRC network. This is the first use I've found for IPv6 (other then the ridiculously easy dynamic address allocation). Looking at IPv6 firewall utilities. Currently my upstream IPv6 provider firewalls all incoming connections, but I may wish to take care of this myself at some point, or use another IPv6 tunnel simultaneously.

Spent time this last few days in the physical presence of the people I'm discussing my RPG game ideas with. Many ideas were thrown about, primarily bringing a new contributor up to speed with the discussed concepts.
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Moving House 

No posts since I've spent the week focused on moving house.

Currently using TomiZone for internet access - the older PowerPC Mac Mini running Ubuntu is acting as a router. It looks like the TomiZone wifi AP hands out addresses, I'm using inside my LAN, and I think it gets NAT'ed to the of the hosts LAN before going out onto the Internet. So this post is going through three levels of NAT. If only we were using IPv6 natively, this wouldn't be needed.
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