MythTV, Android 

Using nuvexport to export a movie from MythTV. The machine running MythTV is currently still Intrepid Ibex (more or less). To encode to Xvid or DivX I needed to install the libavcodec51 package.

Spent some time fiddling with Book Mobile for Android. It uses Barcode Scanner to read ISBN bar codes when available - Not to be confused with UPC codes.
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Duplicity, Uformia 

Discovered today that while I was safely encrypting duplicity backups with a GPG key, I hadn't stored the key safely (other then in the backup itself). If the servers had failed, this would have left me with a backup that I couldn't access.

Working on Uformia's upcoming beta release. This has been eating most of my time, including two trips to the UK in the month. This got me out of the habit of posting, I'm attempting to get back into it now.
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QR Codes 

Spent some time playing on the Android platform. Looked at a Barcode Scanner application (not the pay-for one Telstra provides). The QR code shown is for this website.

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EvoGrid, EVE 

EvoGrid development is almost finished for this prototype. We are running simulations constantly in preparation for ALife12.
I've used simple-cdd for making Debian install disk images with EvoGrid packages bundled.

Looking at using OFX to import EVE transaction data into GnuCash.
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Windows 7 

Got Windows7 installed. x86 version has 32bit address limitations. x64 is the "Wintel" equivalent to amd64.
Experienced an issue where the user accounts would allow you to log in once, then not again. This seemed to be due to an un-attended installation option to join a workgroup. By booting into safe mode (with networking) by pressing F8 on startup, and going through the workgroup settings (Win-Break, then Change settings under Computer name, domain and workgroup settings), I was able to create another login, and use that successfully. In my fiddling, I deleted (the local storage of) my original account, and this was recreated on logging back in.
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