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Improved the daemon implementation, and implemented a grid-based temperature calculator, to allow identifying localized increases in temperature.
Also did some mangling of the Digital Space website code, so that my automatically generated date index only showed up on pages where there articles had been sorted by date. It didn't work on pages without that sorting, and didn't make sense to anyway.

Spent a while implementing a custom libnoise module that can create a bounding box, with a transition border. Used this to generate a terrain map with a guaranteed below water edge. Notice on this image there are no islands running against the edge of the map.

This is an "artificial" constraint to apply to the "pure" noise generation, but what use is automatic data generation if it doesn't do what we want? My next thought is to make a module that allows me to make flat areas on the map, to have the data generator auto-magically include flat sections for building placement (because my manual terrain mangling skills are less then stellar).
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After a few days which seemed to be more interruption then things to be interrupted, got back into the EvoGrid development. Implemented the server daemon and module design for separate analysis implementations.

Spent some time poking at Google Wave after being offered and invite (I don't have any more). Finagled one for my boss, gave it a try as a collaborative tool. It shows potential needs work, and a lot of the "wow neat" is in the Google web UI, which is not part of the protocol and not being open sourced.
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After more testing, ionice is out. It works at the block device level and the VM doesn't HAVE block devices, rather it is using vzfs, which is a shared FS (copy-on-write), and so all ionice operations fail. The ones that looked like they didn't where just having their errors fed into /dev/null.
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The rolling on-host backup was giving errors about "ioprio_set: Operation not permitted". Apparently this is because Idle priority is a root-only action. (The backup should be running as root, but that's a different problem.) I did some research and found out that Idle priority is actually a bit of a bad thing, because it can cause deadlocks, where an Idle process will hold a resource and never be able to release it when another non-Idle process is trying to access it, because the non-Idle access pushes the Idle back.
I've changed all the processes to "best effort" with lowest priority in that class. For one, this doesn't require root, and for another, it avoids the potential deadlock issue.
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ionice, DS VPS 

After logging in this morning to a warning the DS VPS was highly loaded again, due to running the web stats generation, I looked into back-porting ionice to Etch and instead found which package it was in. In Etch it is in schedutils, while in Lenny it is in utils-linux.

I've now set the web stats generation, the on-host rolling backup, and the off-host backup to run at "Idle" io priority. This should keep load down, or at the least, keep the user facing services responsive.
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