Joomla and OpenSim 

Finished off working on the Digital Space website Joomla add-on. They have an excellent method for overwriting display logic without needing to modify the core files.

Spent time upgrading my OpenSim expansion modules to work best with the latest codebase. This was primarily about updating to the new(ish) AddIn functionality, that allows modules to load based on an XML resource they contain, describing the needed information.
Also re-factored my terrain generation and testing utility. This code had grown from throwing a few numbers together to quite a fully fledged program (it's how I generate my game map images). I'm currently running it to try and find good parameters for another region, a small stand alone island I'm using for coding experiments.

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Joomla, DiskLED, Ubuntu 

Been working on getting the Digital Space Joomla set up to use the actual article management features, instead of just a collection of static pages. This is largely finding ways to identify what parts can use it, and where the existing content can be reworked. Obvious examples are news and events, allowing the addition of new items with a single entry, versus editing a whole page.

Today I found a useful utility, DiskLED, that sits in your system tray and flickers when your hard-drive is accessed. It is described as being useful for remote access machines, but I'm using it for my desktop machine, which is really an under-desk machine and as such I cannot see the HDD LED.

Currently playing with using prevu, an automated packet builder for Ubuntu, to build a package from Karmic for Jaunty. It doesn't nomiaally support this, as it's designed for building packages from only one release ahead, but it supports using the URL of a .dsc package to give it instructions on how to build it. I'm upgrading a gtk-gnutella, a package that is only 0.0.1 improved, but has a "feature" of not working when it see's there is an updated version available. Since this is only a 0.0.1 upgrade, I expect no problems for skipping two distro releases. The version I was using was brought from Jaunty already, one release ahead of the machines Intrepid.

I'll have to try this for MythTV (0.22 in Karmic). I'm reluctant to upgrade the whole system. It works.
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EvoGrid, OpenSim and Game 

Working on getting the EvoGrid simulator to run repeatedly without crashing. There are several memory leaks in the container process that I'm in the process of tracking down. Each time one is fixed, the looping nature of the simulation makes another become more serious. Currently the simulation will do 1000 loops with 1000 atoms and use approximately 100MB of leaked RAM. However, since this is our current sample size, it "works" as long as we have 256MB in the VM. this won't be acceptable long term, but may be a sufficient compromise while I work on further parts of the tool chain.

Started using OpenSim as compiled from their GIT repository. I'm using the 0.6.7-post-fixes branch, which I've further branched to make my own changes.
I've made a change that allows each ScenePresence (the in-scene data object for an avatar) to have its own AnimationSet. This means each avatar can have different animations for the different states, such as WALK, STAND, etc. In effect, this allows a server-side AO (an AO is an animation override, which allows people on the SL grid to appear to use custom walk animations), without actually needing to override anything.

I've extended my bot implementation, using a Boids implementation as a test of getting them to move. After working out various quirks, this is now pretty functional. It's not useful, but I'll pull the implementation out so it can be used on all scene objects (such as linked prim sets) so we can have prim birds flocking, as well as monsters moving in packs. The logic is built on the same basics.
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Back In The Habit 

Got out of the habit of posting while moving house. Took three weeks for them to have the broadband connected (1 week exactly for the phone, 2 weeks to the day for the broadband).
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EvoGrid & Game 

Continuing work on the EvoGrid, the simulation server can now specify all the initial condition data that was previously generated by the simulator at start-up. It can also do bond destruction/replacement now, and the simulation history is generated in the JSON format (position/velocity/bonds over time).

Worked on the OpenSim Game, implementing a NPC module. I've got a NPC that stands there and says Hello when someone comes in range. It's not much, but it's a reasonable test case for the framework.
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