Experiment with using LastPass to manage my credentials in my web browser.
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Updating the server backup configuration to use GPG to sign the backups.

Export public and private key:
gpg --armor --export-secret-key [KEY ID] --output key.priv.gpg

Import public and private key:
gpg --import key.priv.gig

Trust key
gpg --edit-key [KEY ID]

5 Specifies ultimate trust, which means "This key is mine". Trust level of 4 is not sufficient for Duplicity to use for signing backups.
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Worked on a WalletTransaction.csv to OFX converter, with an eye to importing into GnuCash. This is basically functional, but requires manual association of OFX accounts to GnuCash accounts. Found documentation that said GnuCash is gzipped XML, and looked at the GnuCash native format. Going directly to this format should be MUCH better.
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MythTV, Android 

Using nuvexport to export a movie from MythTV. The machine running MythTV is currently still Intrepid Ibex (more or less). To encode to Xvid or DivX I needed to install the libavcodec51 package.

Spent some time fiddling with Book Mobile for Android. It uses Barcode Scanner to read ISBN bar codes when available - Not to be confused with UPC codes.
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Duplicity, Uformia 

Discovered today that while I was safely encrypting duplicity backups with a GPG key, I hadn't stored the key safely (other then in the backup itself). If the servers had failed, this would have left me with a backup that I couldn't access.

Working on Uformia's upcoming beta release. This has been eating most of my time, including two trips to the UK in the month. This got me out of the habit of posting, I'm attempting to get back into it now.
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