VMWare accelerated driver for OSX Guest 

VMsvga2 provides accelerated video for OSX guests in VMWare. This support is provided by VMTools for Windows and Linux guests, but is not available for OSX without this third party driver.
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Laptop BIOS passwords 

http://bios-pw.org/ is a useful utility for "recovering" laptop passwords from some common BIOS.
On these BIOS, if you fail login too many times, you are given a prompt containing the password hash. This utility generates a password with the same hash, allowing you access to the BIOS.
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LDAP on Multiarch 

If you are using LDAP for logins, and attempting to run i386 executables on x86_64, you may need libpam-ldap:i386 and libnss-ldap:i386 . Otherwise if the program looks up user ID's, it will fail because of missing "optional" modules.
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Easy Chroots for Ubuntu 

DebootstrapChroot describes how to very easily set up a chroot (including a i386 chroot on x86_64). It uses schroot to manage starting/ending the chroot, in a very easy to use manner. All mountpoints and file copying from the host to chroot etc are all managed by schroot.
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HTTP 408 and Awstats 

Today a servers access_log started filling with
XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX - - [27/Sep/2013:04:15:11 +0000] "-" 408 0 "-" "-"

These appear to be request timeout. It is acting like some kind of DoS.
The only thing that has been noticeably affected was Awstats. It doesn't know how to parse this line, and treats it as mangled. Awstats has a parameter that controls how many mangled lines it will skip before aborting.

In this case, I set NbOfLinesForCorruptedLog to 1000 (after 100 was not sufficient for it to find a valid record). This allowed the regular cron'ed job to continue.
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